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Come with me as I document the journey of Wildflowers…including myself. Nothing is off the table! From being the side chick, the needy girl and even the wife that turns a blind eye…we will go there! This is a place of healing, a place to confess wounds, a place to find forgiveness, empathy, and simply a kindred spirit.

I have a thing for music that speaks to my soul… Way back in 1994, Mary J Blige belted out in a hard biting, sultry voice: “How can I love somebody else, when I can’t love myself enough to know when it’s time to let go?” I froze immediately and thought…DAMN! She just spoke my […]


September 2, 2020

Okay Wildflowers, I’m going to say this early so you don’t think that I’m leading you on a wild goose chase… He’s not sending you mixed signals; you just don’t like what the signals are saying. There, I said it, but now let me explain!  Mixed signals is code for you not getting what you […]


January 15, 2020

I absolutely love Beyonce’s song Flawless!  I can’t think of a bigger boost to my self-esteem than singing loud and proud that “I woke up flawless!” It’s energetic, uplifting, and empowering while promoting the well-being of women!  That is a lot to pull off in one song! My issue is that it can be a little […]


August 29, 2019

If you are like most Wildflowers, you’ve asked yourself this question too many times to keep count. I remember sitting across from a dear friend over dinner, as she described to me why her new boyfriend was her dream man. She was elated with how easily he brushed it off when she would lash out furiously […]


December 10, 2018

The Wildflower Journey is not just a program, it’s a movement.
It’s a call to all Wildflowers who are wandering.
There is a place for us. A place to heal, a place for fellowship, 

a place to bloom. 

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