Healthy Relationships do not happen by accident...

Healthy Relationships start with the best version of you!


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You’re here because you are driven, smart, capable and independent, mentally tough, a survivor — but a healthy, loving relationship feels like a fairytale.

Or would you blow it again?

If the perfect partner knocked on your door right now, would you be ready?

Would you be able to give and receive love in a way that honors your values?

And maybe, just maybe, you’re ready to take a good, hard look at yourself so you can stop waiting for the RIGHT ONE, and do the work to become the RIGHT ONE (and love yourself and your life in the process).

I work with men and women who had to grow tough to survive and succeed in harsh environments but now understand that what's blocking them from attracting THE ONE, is the need to heal the wounds that are sabotaging potentially wonderful relationships.

Meet Aurelia Gardner -
Your future Wildflower Coach

Wildflower in Bloom may be for you if...

Most of your dates are Netflix and Chill…

You constantly feel used, giving more than you receive in relationships…

You run people off with your tough talk and angry attitude…

You settle for partners you don’t like so you won’t be alone…

Or if you don’t date at all, because you don’t need the drama.

I'm a wildflower too.

I understand how hard it is to trust, to set boundaries, to feel empty and alone, to feel frustrated and fed up by drama — and I know what it’s like to want a loving, lasting relationship. 

But the work we do here isn’t to get you a date. 

It’s to help you finally feel whole and love yourself and your life —
because that’s when your perfect partner will knock,

and you’ll be ready to answer.

Are you ready to heal, thrive, and become the best version of yourself,
so you can live your best life,
AND find a partner who makes it even better?

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Wildflower Journey

On my Wildflower Journey, I discovered that I was always “protecting” myself. My journey is helping me to relate to people without feeling judged.

Wildflower In Bloom has not only impacted my intimate relationships but the tools from the program has been beneficial for all of my relationships, career, family and friends.

Tracy Hepburn

Wildflower in Bloom was a Godsend. At a time when I was feeling my lowest and unsure of my worth, Aurelia came along and restored my desire to engage, not only with others, but with ME.

I needed to reflect and come to some understanding of how to begin self-acceptance and eventually move forward. I needed to find ME and Wildflower in Bloom is a champion of self-worth, reflection, acceptance, and LOVE. Thank you SO MUCH for helping me get to this place in my journey.

Tennille Brownrigg, Ph.D.

I came to Wildflower in Bloom thinking I was a well put together individual who just needed to do a little introspection every now and then. Well, I was lying to myself. I had told myself that I was ok, and I can do and handle everything.

Thanks to Aurelia, I have a different perspective and I approach some situations differently. A word that I will always carry with me is “Value”. Thank you, Wildflower. I can’t wait to continue to bloom with you.

Patrice Y. Lee