You are strong, driven, resilient, and independent 

Suck At Relationships!

- aka. The Boss Chick or The Dude who Demands Respect and gets it -

But you also… 

Hey, I’m not trying to be hard on you, but let’s be real: 

You’ve had a lot of failed relationships
(some might even say it’s a pattern), 

Are you ready to take control of the situation  
(like you’ve taken control of the rest of your life)?

You've come a long way, Wildflower

My Wildflowers are flowers that were not intentionally seeded and left to grow free without adequate nurturing.

I respect that.

Life can turn us into wildflowers when we have to figure out creative ways to grow in environments that are not set up to help us thrive. 

The hard lessons we learn make us tough, strong, independent, driven, and often very successful in our careers. 

However, the survival skills that allow us to grow in harsh environments can destroy our abilities to have loving relationships.

Which means we may look like we have it all together on the outside, but we’re left feeling empty and lonely on the inside. 

Tough is a mixed blessing

Learning to be tough can propel you to the top of your career and cut a lot of nonsense out of your life.

The worst part is —
you don’t even realize it when it’s happening.

But that ‘tough’ persona can show up on auto-pilot, making you react like you’re under attack - even when it’s just a disagreement or misunderstanding.

You might be a good person, a strong person, a person with integrity — but nobody wants to deal with someone who is stuck in Battle Mode.

You feel justified in your (over)reaction.

The other person is in the wrong, you are in the right, and you don’t see that you are undermining what you want the most until it’s too late.

Here’s a heaping dose of truth that I learned the hard way:

If you can’t quickly name 5 character traits that are a personal struggle for you, you are clueless about how you sabotage your relationships.

It may be possible to find someone who can work around your destructive patterns, but it’s so much better to show up taking personal responsibility for them and working to correct them (and your dating pool will widen considerably).

Maybe you’re already painfully aware that you have ‘trust issues’ ‘anger issues’ or anxiety, or that you come across as needy or suspicious. 

Or maybe you just realize that some of these symptoms sound all too familiar…

Most of your dates are Netflix and Chill…

You constantly feel used, often giving more than you ever receive in relationships.

You act insecure in relationships, always suspecting and accusing…and running yourself crazy in the meantime.

You routinely end up being the side chick, watching the man you love, love somebody else better.

You have no problem attracting men but can’t seem to keep one to save your life.

You don’t date at all because you don’t need the drama! (And there’s always drama.)

You’ve read self-help books, trying to understand why you feel empty (and how to fix it), and maybe joined a church, or prayed to God to make you whole and send love your way.

I did all of those things too. They helped, a little. But I had to go much deeper to heal the wounds that were affecting all of my relationships…

I created the Wildflower Journey to help people like you (and me) to see yourself accurately, make real changes to how you act and the energy you bring into every interaction, and most importantly, to heal the deep wounds Wildflowers tend to carry.

Your strength is a gift. Your bravery, resilience and grit are super powers. And we don’t want to lose them.

Healthy relationships start with the best version of you

But we also need to cultivate the skills you need to successfully live and LOVE the next part of your life.


the Wildflower Journey

Embarking on your Wildflower Journey will start you on the path of showing up in all of your relationships in a way that reflects your values, wants, needs and desires.

Relationship challenges aren’t specific to gender, so I support both women and men (yes fellas, you’re wildflowers too!)

The Wildflower Journey is about breaking negative relationship patterns and developing a strong sense of self. 

On this journey, you will cultivate the best version of yourself,

Finding that man or woman who makes your life better

Strengthening your existing relationship

Managing your crazy family dynamics (so they don’t drive you crazy anymore)

and once you begin practicing and incorporating these lessons into your life, you’ll see big results. Like…

Resisting the urge to over-give, and rejoicing in all your new free time

Those are just a few of the results students have gotten from this program. 

Patrice Y. Lee

"I came to Wildflower in Bloom thinking I was a well put together individual who just needed to do a little introspection every now and then. Well, I was lying to myself. I had told myself that I was ok, and I can do and handle everything. Although, I did not understand how some situations could make me feel and react a certain way. I still thought I would eventually figure it out.

Then, Aurelia introduced me to “triggers”. She made me sit down and think about why certain interactions were so emotional for me. Although, I thought I was fine, I realized that I needed to control how I react to these triggers.

Thanks to Aurelia, I have a different perspective and I approach some situations differently. A word that I will always carry with me is “Value”. Thank you, Wildflower. I can’t wait to continue to bloom with you."


The Wildflower Journey Process begins on Facebook...

I’ve created a private free Facebook community for us to meet, get to know each other, and start on the healing journey with free challenges and Sip & Bloom wine nights.

This group will be the first place I announce the launch of the Wildflower Journey Bootcamp, which will be open to community members first!

What are you waiting for 


Show up as the best version of yourself, and start living the best version of your life.

Wildflowers may have to grow unattended,

but a Wildflower in Bloom thrives. 

They have discovered the best version of themselves and they are on the path to their ultimate state of being. 

Tennille Brownrigg, Ph.D.

"Wildflower in Bloom was a Godsend. At a time when I was feeling my lowest and unsure of my worth, Aurelia came along and restored my desire to engage, not only with others, but with ME.

I needed to reflect and come to some understanding of how to begin self-acceptance and eventually move forward.

I needed to find ME and Wildflower in Bloom is a champion of self-worth, reflection, acceptance, and LOVE. Thank you SO MUCH for helping me get to this place in my journey....."

What Wildflowers are saying...

Tracy Hepburn

"On my Wildflower Journey, I discovered that I was always “protecting” myself. My journey is helping me to relate to people without feeling judged.

Wildflower In Bloom has not only impacted my intimate relationships but the tools from the program has been beneficial for all of my relationships, career, family and friends....."

Essie Gardner

This program was amazing. The interactions with the different ladies, different people, different thoughts.

As well as learning a deeper level of communicating, not just with others but with myself. And actually understanding why I do what I do, and what do I want to do about it. Who do I want to become? 

Having said that, I've enjoyed the journey. I'm a Wildflower in Bloom, and I hope you all join me. I promise you, it's well worth the journey.

The Wildflower Journey is not just a program, it’s a movement.
It’s a call to all Wildflowers who are wandering.
There is a place for us. A place to heal, a place for fellowship, 

a place to bloom. 

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